Hi, mom

My mom told me she is getting really little sleep because she has to keep going to the hospital to visit my popo after work and that hospital is far away from home. When she comes home, she has housework to do. She usually sleeps around 2am to 3am but I guess she is sleeping a little later now? I have no idea because I don’t stay up that late.

My uncles told her to stop coming down because she stays really far away while her other siblings all stay up north. My brother and I told her to stop doing that and go on alternate days instead.

I don’t think she is going to listen to us.

I told her being at her age is scary. She has to work, she has to take care of her parents, she has to take care of her own family.

She is a superwoman, that woman. She deserves flowers. She deserves a lot. I didn’t prepare flowers this year. I told myself that I am too busy. Excuses. I’ll buy them this week and it’ll be a surprise.

I remind her almost everyday that she is lucky, though. That her first child came out looking so much like her and has a pretty face.

I like calling myself pretty in front of her because calling myself that is telling her she is pretty too in a really indirect and self absorbed manner.

Buying the flowers tomorrow because I remembered my brother asking me to get a bouquet for his girlfriend. I need to get one for his graduation as well. I like flowers. They don’t last but I still love receiving them. So fleeting but holds so much love that someone thought about you enough to give them to you.

Some think sending flowers are a waste of money. I guess I’ll need to send them flowers.


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