I realised the doctor didn’t tell me what I am suffering from

As sick as a 90 year old man. I went to a new clinic today because my entire family decided to boycott the one we always go to. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love the cough syrup. The joy I couldn’t possibly express when the doctor said she is going to give me a bottle of that.

I found those old medicine spoon because God knows I can’t just pour 10ml of syrup using eye measurement. I don’t know about you all but when I was little (all we could take were syrups then) my ah ma would swirl the spoon in the cup of water then pour the syrup and gave it to me, swirl the spoon in it again to wash off the leftovers then pour the next syrup. Okay now writing it down, it’s actually a really should-do kind of thing. I found solace in doing that so I kept swirling the spoon in the cup.

My cough is causing 100% of the pain I feel. It’s horrible. I have had several cups of pi pa gao but it is not working for me at all. Oh, I love the taste of pi pa gao by the way. WHY DO I NOT HAVE IT ALL MY LIFE. Okay, it doesn’t help in soothing the throat at all. Well, at least, not mine. But imma still drink it because I love it.

My phlegm is green and I feel like a dragon. An utterly sick dragon.


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