I’ve settled down to a life of wanting to die after 10pm and it gets easier and easier, surprisingly. How easy it is to fall into a routine and it’s actually a comfortable one. The old me who had plenty of time to sleep and take naps during the day, felt taken aback every time she meets her friend at about 7 and they wanted to leave at 9 plus. I was like, “Just two hours?! Really?”

Now I get it.

The body wakes up really early now. I’m usually contented with 2 meals because if you wake up around 9 or 10, brunch will suffice. Now I need breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not sure about supper but I know I need all three meals now. If I skip breakfast, I’ll feel extremely famished when lunch time comes around. Lunch time actually feels like a mood booster now instead of just a meal. However, my tummy isn’t accustomed to breakfast yet. I remember having a cup of milo at about 8am and my stomach felt queasy. It cannot be that I’m allergic to dairy (although now thinking about it, I haven’t been drinking milk. The dairy I regularly take are all ice cream and cheeses. Mostly ice cream) so it’s probably just the whole waking up  and eating too early.

I don’t dread a day like that anymore. I used to keep pushing away the time to get into a full time job routine; pushing away growing up. Life forces you to grow up whether you want it or not. I can’t keep living like I’m 18 all the time.

So here is to most of my friends who have already fell into this routine, fallen, have yet to enter this cycle, I wish you all the best.


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