On growing up and love

Whilst ending that post, I really want to get into another topic but I didn’t want it to put it all in a post. It’s too wordy.

Growing up means, the expectations of what you want in a partner changes. Instead of just pure attraction, you start to find someone you can live with. Someone who can take care of you, build a family. It’s more of like, finding someone to get through the phases of life with. You want to find someone with money, a stable income so you won’t have to worry about having no money in the future. It gets more and more conditional as we get older. Blind dates are selected based on physical attributes from the face, to the job. Arranged marriages as well. You need to be of a certain calibre before you can get introduced.

I’ve been thinking about it since secondary school. I thought how sad it would be if I found someone based on how he can take care of me instead of really falling in love with that person. I liked secondary school. It was based simply on attraction, everything else that comes with is a bonus.

The face matters because it affects the face of your child. The money matters because you don’t want to struggle in the future. The status matters because you want a good reputation.

It’s all about you, not just about love anymore. It’s about how you are going to survive. You don’t look with your heart but with your eyes.

I understand that reality smacks us in the face every now and then and causes pure love to run out but I still seek for the innocence of it.

But I found it in you. We could both be blindfolded, knowing nothing but our voices, and I’d still fall for the way you make me laugh, how hard it is for you to express yourself and the weird way you eat your food. Nothing else matters other than what I feel for you.

So even after the blindfolds come off, I’d love you all the same.


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