Click my fingers

Hi all. Guess who has time to blog!!! I actually opened the dashboard at about 1pm but I’m only starting at 5.50.

I had ice cream and went to a farmer’s market. They were selling XL clams and super fresh oysters! That got me pretty stoked because I have yet to see these kind of markets in Singapore, selling not only artsy stuff but farmed seafood! It reminded me of the time I went to one of the farmers market back in Vancouver and we bought a bag of live clams! So you put them in salt water so they will spit out the sand in them and also stay fresh and alive. Sam them went on and cooked clam spaghetti vongole! Fresh seafood is always amazing.

Yep, i mentioned they were selling fresh oysters as well. I had pretty bad experiences with oysters so I stay away from them. I’ve never had fresh ones though and am waiting for my chance to go to Australia to try them. I didn’t know Singapore had fresh ones that did not cost me an arm to try.

So they are called Sea Farmers @ Ubin! The woman there convinced me that fresh oysters really taste super different! They do not have the fishy taste (that Shilin’s mee sua has). So Kenny being pretty experienced with oysters, squeezed some lime and a few drops of tabasco sauce on them. We got 2 “Sweetheart” and 1 “Rockstar” oysters for $10. It entered my mouth and the deal was sealed.

I love oysters.

I am guessing I would love them as much as I love clams. Although I love the texture of clams more but hey, it’s a new addition. Now I can proudly say I love oysters!

Now it is time for a nap. I miss naps. Anybody miss naps? I do. So so much.


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