We arrived at a place where the winds were huge. Not the kind of breeze I would have preferred but the kind that messes up your hair but leaves you with this sticky feeling all over your body right after.

We stood by the railings and talked about the difference between canoes and kayaks. I told you I was afraid of capsizing in a canoe. I asked what your secondary school CCA was and it hit me that I do not know after all this while. As usual, you made me guess. So I did and I got it right.

It’s these kind of conversations that makes my heart full. To chat endlessly about anything and everything in the world. Our conversations at that spot felt like.. How do I put this? It is as though you are an entire galaxy and I am one star down to getting to know you better. I’m elated I knew more but it also feels like I have so much more to know as well.

I have about 99.99% more left and I am so excited to go through every single star. I might complete a milky way and I’ll move on to the next lot of milky ways within you.

Until then,



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