About Me

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My name is Denise and I am turning 22 years old in 2015! Stuck in one of the safest but most stressful country in the world (Singapore). Lets get to know me a little bit better!

  1. I am probably one of the most transparent books in the world because I never feel like I have anything to hide.
  2. I love trying new things but mostly in the creative aspect. My current favourite hobby is brush lettering and you can check that out on my Instagram.
  3. Photography is my first love and I got my first camera when I was 14.
  4. I tried to be a foodie but I failed big time because everything tastes nice to me.
  5. I am one of the lucky people who not only has many friends but most of them are super close to me.
  6. I’m so easily contented with life I lack motivation.
  7. I am awesome with small talk because I know a bit of everything.
  8. I love anything braised and steamed. Except braised peanuts. I abhor nuts.
  9. I want to make a significant change in the world while I am alive and kicking.
  10. I believe everyone is born nice.

10 points should suffice so we are officially friends now! If, you will let me be your friend.


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