Talk about #9

Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.

This is probably my favourite “talk about” so far. LOVING YOUR BODY IS SO IMPORTANT.

I love my fingers and they are my most complimented body part. My ah ma used to keep pulling them because she said long fingers are beautiful. Older people love my fingers. Plus, miraculously, my middle finger to my pinky nails grow out in a square shape so I was born with manicured nails, hoho. I have really strong nails as well and its white is lovely.

I love this little sharp point on my right ear due to the doctor accidentally snipping off a bit of it during birth. Jeremy told me that people have ears like that because they are supposed to find someone else with a weird ear too. I think 2% of the reason I held on to my second relationship was because he had a funny ear too. I forgot if it was the same side.

I love the shape of my eyes because they’re slanted up slightly. They are my second most complimented body part. I remember my art teacher in secondary school met us for the first time and said that my eyes were beautiful, lol.

I love this vein that I can move around on the back of my hand whenever my head rests on my arm. Constricted blood flow will cause the vein will pop out.

This is starting to sound a wee bit creepy. I shall end here because I can’t find anything else that is “little”, haha. ’till next time.


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